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Whether you’re sending money home to family or paying bills or school fees, Africa Pay is your perfect partner

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Send money

Advantages of using AfricaPay



Your transfers are made instantly or same-day in most instances.

Low Cost

Cost-effective alternative to traditional money transfer companies that use high street agents and charge high fees.


We are 100% compliant with AML and financial regulations and use the highest security technology in our systems. With your unique ID number, you can track your money every step of the way.

Easy To Use

3 simple steps to sending your money – easy and convenient.

Steps needed to perform the transaction


Send money using your mobile phone or tablet


Multiple ways of receiving and using the money

Bank Account

Money gets sent straight to your bank account. We support thousands of locations ready to cash-out your money just minutes after the transfer.


Money appears instantly on your M-Pesa account

Mobile Wallet

Money appears instantly on your Mobile Wallet account, ready to use.

Prepaid Card

The monetary value appears on your prepaid credit card, ready to spend.

Pay your bills

Pay your phone, utility or credit card bills, as well as mortgage and car payments easily and conveniently.

Airtime Top-up

Your mobile phone airtime gets topped-up instantly.

Sacco(Savings and Credit Cooperative Society)

We pay money straight into your SACCO.

Why Choose Africa Pay

Competitive rates and low transaction charges

Co-op rates for transfers of over £5000

Track your transaction status online

Instant mobile money payments

Instant M-Pesa payments

E-mail notification once your transaction is complete

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service people are always at hand to help you

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